IN our INTEGRAL PRACTICE FOR THE GIFTED (TM) model of Exceptional Giftedness we are most interested in levels of development or consciousness that inhere in the lives of many very gifted persons.

In classical Individual Cognitive Development theory the Formal Operations rational worldview is recognized as the highest individual and cultural level.

Integral Psychology provides evidence for the existence of higher stages and potentials latent in each of us, but especially pertinent to the exceptionally gifted experience.

We are interested in important emergent qualities that come into being in discrete or quantum like fashion in exceptionally gifted children and adults, changing their very perceptions and rendering a more complex and increasingly subtle experience of reality.

Many of our children do not live in the world of so-called consensual reality with the same footings as the rest of the world.

As the levels of consciousness evolve the child;s interior life becomes more and more activated.

Their very core is transpersonal, encompassing aspects, or even the whole, of humankind, of life and of the internal and external universe.


The Heart of Growing Up Profoundly Gifted what is essential, what can go (terribly) wrong and how do we make it right?

NAGC SPECIAL SESSION 2015. P. Susan Jackson. All Right Reserved.


About the Author: P. Susan Jackson, Therapeutic Director of The Daimon Institute for the Highly Gifted in White Rock, British Columbia, Canada. This international institute offers service to highly and profoundly gifted children and adults, supporting the learning needs and overall development of this exceptional population.

Her clinical work spans 25 years, comprising over 40,000 hours of psychotherapy wholly with this exceptional population.  She is the author of numerous articles and chapters in the gifted education literature.  Her Integral Practice for the Gifted model addresses multiple aspects of human functioning – cognitive, emotional, spiritual, physical and talent based dimensions – and explains how advanced cognition influences all of these elements, the Self, and the expression of talent.

In 2010, she produced a short documentary entitled “Exceptionally Gifted Children”, which she received wide acclaim internationally.  In 2013-2014, the Daimon Institute produced “Rise:  The Extraordinary Story of the Exceptionally Gifted” – a 60 minute film on the lives of 12 exceptionally and profoundly gifted persons from all over the globe.

Sue served as the Chair of the Parents and Curriculum Networks Communications Committee and Counseling and Guidance Network (National Association to Support Gifted Children), and is a member of the advisory board for SENG.  She is recognized as an international expert in the field of the Exceptionally and Profoundly Gifted and regularly presents with other leading experts at the international conferences.  She is a (nascent) photographer, poet, and nature lover with a passionate interest in advanced development, optimal health and well-being for the Profoundly Gifted populace.

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