Raising Creators of "The Next Big Thing": Helping Children with Entrepreneurial Giftedness to Realize their Potential

Is your child an inborn trailblazer – bursting with ideas and innovations, ultimately wanting to enhance the human experience in some inventive way?

Gifted children with entrepreneurial mindsets can be found in all areas of study – science and technology, medicine, all the arts, medicine, engineering and agriculture, just to name a few. Deprived of the right understanding, opportunities and encouragement the extraordinary talent of these children may never metabolize into socially productive and personally rewarding experiences.

The signs of Entrepreneurial Giftedness – Vision, Leadership, Passion/energy/spirit, Propensity  towards multi-tasking and/or and Deep-Interest-Diving, Self-belief, Determination,  Desire for Transformation/Revolution, “Negotiating Persistence”, Creativity/Innovation and Self-belief- are not always recognized, appreciated  or supported in standard educational programs.

In fact, many of the traits of the entrepreneurially gifted remain unnoticed, underappreciated or even thwarted in both educational and home settings.


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