The Practice

P. Susan Jackson has developed and refined the Integral Practice for the Gifted model based on over twenty five years of in depth psychotherapy, research, and consulting with exceptionally gifted people. The model addresses all aspects of the gifted individual: intellectual, emotional, moral, spiritual, social, physical, ….

At the Daimon Institute, the Integral Practice for the Gifted involves psychotherapy that integrates all facets of the highly gifted person and fosters advanced development in all spheres, family support consisting of therapeutic interventions that honor all family members, consultation on the educational and mental health needs of exceptionally gifted people, and mentoring to provide role models, guidance, and like-minded understanding.

P. Susan Jackson

Sue has extensive clinical and developmental expertise, including over thirty thousand hours of psychotherapy supporting highly and profoundly gifted persons of all ages. She also has nine years experience as a Gifted and Talented support coordinator within the public school system.

In addition to numerous academic publications, Sue is a contributing author of several books, including Special Populations in Gifted Education: Understanding our Most Able Students from Diverse Backgrounds, Living with Intensity, and The International Handbook of the Gifted.

Sue is a Network Communication Committee Officer of the National Association for Gifted Children (NAGC) and former chair of the NAGC Counselling and Guidance Network (Social and Psychological Support).

The Clients

Gifted individuals experience a strong need for knowledge, communion, and expression. They tend to show intensity in imagination, intellectual prowess, sensitivity, and emotion which is atypical in the general population; thus, they may be at risk for misunderstanding, isolation and despair.

The gifted often feel a deep need to discover their most authentic selves, the essence of their individual being. They also feel a powerful and not-to-be-denied need to affect this world — to experience a sense of having shaped or touched or acted upon human experience in a meaningful way.

At the Daimon Institute, we help exceptional people become conscious of who they are, while strengthening their resolve and connections in the world. We provide community, insight, support, resources, and encouragement for highly, exceptionally, and profoundly gifted people as they navigate their unique and authentic pathway in life.

Giftedness Defined

Giftedness is a label applied to those who evidence uncommonly high intelligence and ability, intelligence being defined as the sum of cognitive, intuitive, affective, and neurological functioning; it indicates an advanced and accelerated development of cognitive function within the mind, expressed in high levels of emotional complexity; physical sensing; and intuitive faculties such as academic aptitude, insight and innovation, creativity, artistry, leadership, and personal and interpersonal awareness.

Who are the Profoundly Gifted

At the highest end of the spectrum of giftedness is a distinct subset, constituting less than half a percent of the general population, which we identify as the profoundly gifted (PG).

The profoundly gifted are as different from moderately gifted people with IQs of 130 as the moderately gifted are from those with an IQ of 100. Possessing astonishing cognitive capacity, extraordinary sensitivity, and trademark intensities, this sub?group comprises remarkable and idiosyncratic individuals. When properly supported, their boundless enthusiasm and appetite for all that life has to offer, insatiable curiosity, empathy, and energy unlock wellsprings of matchless potential. They are driven to learn, to live fully in accordance with a heightened awareness of who they are, and to make a positive impact upon, or contribution to, the broader world.

As with any special needs group, however, it is vital that we provide knowledgeable parenting, teaching, and psychological support that is truly congruent with the needs of the profoundly gifted — intellectual, emotional, social, moral, and in the areas of their individual talents. Lacking an informed and mindful approach in our interventions, we may inadvertently squander their remarkable abilities, and crush the animating essence at the core of their being, that fuels their passion for learning and gives meaning to their existence.