Unleashing Great Potential: COME Explore and Celebrate Extraordinary Intelligence

Exceptional Intelligence is not merely the result of a deliberate, conscious, logic-driven activity. Rather it is an entity that is much wider and deeper, allied to contiguous forces of intuition, imagination, feelings and sensation.

We’re sky bound – are you coming?

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Psychotherapist, published author and researcher, author of the seminal study “BRIGHT STAR – BLACK SKY”, (on exceptionally gifted youth and depression), and producer of two critically acclaimed documentaries“RISE” and “EXCEPTIONALLY GIFTED CHILDREN”,

P. Susan (Sue) Jackson is coming to Europe in September-October of 2017. 

You do not want to miss this opportunity. 

What you can expect: 


In the decades that I have worked in the field of Gifted and Talented, I have come across very few with the knowledge and skill set embodied in P. Susan Jackson. Her extra-ordinary insight into gifted individuals and her profound commitment to their intellectual, social, and emotional well-being is rare. I am privileged to know Susan as a friend and colleague.

(Michael Postma, Ed. D., Executive Director, SENG, USA)

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Sue Jackson is by far, one of THE leading experts on highly/profoundly gifted children! During my tenure as the Director of Gifted Programs for the Bloomington Public Schools in Minnesota, I designed and implemented a program for highly/profoundly gifted students in grades 2-10. Sue was an enormous resource in the crafting of this program. Her attention to the unique metaphysical, social and emotional needs of our students allowed us to infuse interventions seamlessly throughout the school day. We were also able to provide our parents with supports, based on the ideas of Ms. Jackson. I’ve known Sue personally and professionally for over 20 years. She is my “go to” colleague, whom I can count on to share her wisdom, talents and expertise of highly/profoundly gifted youth.

(Richard M. Cash, Ed.D., Educator, author and consultant, President of nRich Educational Consulting, Inc.)

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SEE (and discuss)

“ The Beautiful Film ” – “RISE”: 

” . . . I no longer experienced myself as the only thinking and feeling creature on this planet and everything I disliked about myself suddenly made sense . . .” (Gifted youth, Europe)

. . .

” . . . I just finished watching this. I am speechless. The stories are diverse and yet the soul of each story sings the same haunting tune. Hope and pain and healing emanate through the cast of real living beautifully gifted humans. Thank you for this important documentary.” (Educator and Mother of two profoundly gifted teens, Canada)

. . .

” . . . In this age of reality shows, many of which I believe to be potentially damaging to our nation’s youth, RISE was a refreshing dose of genuine reality. In this film you will not find exploitation, continuation of long-held stereotypes, voyeuristic competition- none of that. Rise is real, folks.

In this film, twelve children, teens, and young adults speak candidly about their unique and diverse experiences as exceptionally and profoundly gifted individuals. The film includes the parents of these young people, as well as educators and administrators who work with the gifted. In addition, the film weaves in feedback from the Daimon Institute on the importance of a multifaceted approach to understanding and fostering giftedness.

I sat on my couch, completely mesmerized and often tearful. I was touched by the honesty contained in the film. Giftedness is not simple, it’s not elite, and it’s certainly not all sunshine and roses. When it came time for the credits to roll, I found myself still wanting, wishing for more.

We need more documentaries like Rise, folks”. (Consultant, Author, Mother of Two Profoundly Gifted Youth, USA)

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EXHUME THE BEAUTIFUL GIFT(s) : as you unleash your intellect in concert with your sensitivity and intensity . . . .

We know that sensitivity is correlated with intelligence . . . and sensitivity needs a place to breathe and grow roots . . . Join us here for discussion, laughter, recognition, surprise, joy and delight in truly like-minded community.

“Like a conductor who can magically transform pieces of an orchestra into a beautiful harmony, Sue Jackson guided my child and all of his complexities into a state of balance and contentment about who he is. PG children too often feel like aliens from another world. As a result of my son’s joyful conversations with Sue, he now embraces his unique qualities as a point of pride and he recognizes the value of his place in the world.” (Mother of gifted youth, USA)

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If you are:

the parent of a very gifted child,

a teacher, administrator, or mental-health practitioner who supports this populace,

a coach or psychologist who specializes in talent and high ability,

an exceptionally gifted youth or adult in exploration mode,

or a very bright person with big ideas and questions,

you won’t leave disappointed . . .

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