PG Adults Testimonials



“Sue's enviable knowledge base, boundless capacity for empathy, and unshakeable authenticity make her an ideal person to lean on while doing deep personal work. Although this description may sound intimidating, she is so good at her work that, when in session, she lets go of her expertise and becomes totally present with her clients. Sue creates a safe mental space to explore and play - then gets in and plays with you. Sue respects and nurtures the abilities of her Daimonites and I would not hesitate to recommend her to gifted clients of any age.”

Joanna Fletcher
Cultural Auditor | Business Analyst | Writer | Coder | Gifted Advocate | Blockchain Evangelist
Vancouver, BC, Canada 

“Sue had the unique ability to hold a pain or a struggle of an individual and make it easier to process. She understands giftedness in its numerous neurotic ways, splendid ideas and imaginary words. Nothing is strange or to extreme to Sue. She feels a person on deeper level and gently helps him/her toward empowerment. Working with Sue changed my life. By mirroring me as a gifted person and embracing my giftedness, she helped me to dare to become my true self. It is really a unique and liberating experience. Furthermore Sue is a wonderful person and great mentor. I highly recommend her. “

Executive Coach and Business Consultant