2e "People to Watch Award": November 2020

SUE JACKSON IS AN EXPERT in the exceptionally and profoundly gifted, a group that is incredibly neuro diverse and represents less than one percent of the world's population.

Jackson's work  supporting this population includes direct psychotherapy with clients around the world and across a wide range of backgrounds and ages, from 2 to 90. She founded the Daimon Institute for the Highly Gifted in British Columbia in 1992 and serves as its therapeutic director. She has logged more than 60,000 clinical hours working exclusively with the exceptionally and profoundly gifted. In 2017, she created Daimon International to further broaden her reach to meet their educational and social-emotional needs. The Daimon Institute conducts research, provides mentorships, consults with Institutes worldwide, offers professional development training, as well as workshops for parents.

Beneath the accolades and impressive list of accomplishments, Jackson's true devotion and commitment to working with twice-exceptional and profoundly gifted children and adults is clear. She cares deeply about advocating for and working with these groups.  As she puts it: "This is my life's work and my mission: to support this neuro divergent group fully."


Een interview met P. Susan Jackson van het Daimon Institute. Zij werkt met exceptionally en profoundly gifted mensen van 0-99.

Third Factor Interview

Therapy for the Highly Gifted and Highly Excitable